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Wherever you are -- we WILL find you!

Inexpensive - Easy To Use - Rugged - Push one button and you are done!

This GPS Tracker can help save lives - You don't want to leave home without it!


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The inReach GPS Tracker Satellite Communicator is the most exciting arrival in the field of GPS tracking technology in Australia.  This small, compact, rugged device will keep you connected to the rest of the world wherever you may be on planet earth.  If you can see the sky, the network can see you.

The unit is the result of years of research in GPS tracking, with additional features never seen before in units of this nature.  All this space-age technology comes to you at a price that you can easily afford. 

There are no long lock-in contracts, no expensive satellite connections fees, no need to study manuals or learn complex procedures.   You do not even need to extend an antenna!  Once you have set up your inReach unit on the intuitive and easy-to-use web portal, and selected your plan, all you do is turn the unit on and go. 

In the event that you need to send an SOS message, flick a switch and press one button and your message is sent instantly to GEOS, the Nerve Centre for Global Rescue Operations -  How good is that!





Some of the features of the new Explorer inReach GPS Tracker Satellite Communicator



STAND ALONE CAPABILITIES - This is what the unit by itself (no need for a phone) can do ...

  • Send up to three pre-loaded messages for anticipated situations, up to 160 characters.

  • Trigger an SOS with your location coordinates embedded.

  • Receive delivery confirmations for all messages via LED.

  • Enable anyone you designate to track your location via online maps.

  • "Breadcrumbs” appear at user-determined intervals from 10 minutes to four hours.

  • Friends and family can request the location of the device.

  • Cover your tracks when travelling-- leave it behind in a "safe" location while going out having fun with your mates. :-P

The phone in this picture is not included in the sale offer.  I am sure you knew that!  :-)

There are two models available in Australia




But WAIT THERE IS MORE :-) pair it with your smart phone or tablet to send and receive SMS Text Messages!  Simply pair it with your iOS or Android Phone or Tablet, and you are now able to send and receive 160-Character SMS Messages.  You could even send Tweets or update your Facebook.  How cool is that! 



To learn about the amazing features of the inReach when paired with a smart phone or tablet click here!



 Watch this exciting video for More information about the GPS Satellite Tracker Communicator. 
Other inReach training videos are available here.




Ideal for trekkers and explorers.
Also easily locate your kids or grandparents.

Every four-wheel driver should have one.

All aircraft and helicopters
can now enjoy easily affordable GPS tracking technology.  Read the Delorme Press Release about
the many uses for aviation. Conditions apply.

Essential for all vessels.  Purchase one as stand alone security or alternative unit in case of satellite phone equipment failure. Friends and family can easily follow you on line, and know that you are safe.  No more nagging! In the event of an emergency
See what happens when you
send an SOS with your inReach
Specifications, functions,
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GPS Tracker Communicator

Manufactured by: Delorme

Model: inReach

Product ID: GPS Tracker Communicator

AU$369 New




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