Using the inReach GPS Tracker for Emergencies


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SOS feature is the same for both models


The use of GPS Trackers in Emergencies

Up until the arrival of the inReach Satellite Communicator, the best hope for victims of accidents in remote locations was the use of a satellite phone or a satellite tracker with a one way message capability.  The inReach Satellite Communicator offers so much more than the old-style one-way GPS Trackers, and in some conditions it could prove to be even more efficient at getting help to you than a satellite phone.





There is ample evidence to suggest that in many serious accidents involving trauma, the victim may only have a few seconds in which to call for help.

The onset of shock, partial or total blindness caused by injuries, or broken bones could make the task of using a satellite phone almost impossible. 

The inReach's simple "slide and push" SOS feature can be easily activated in seconds, even with gloved hands. 

With a little practice, the SOS function can be easily activated, even in full darkness or with closed eyes.



Another advantage of the inReach GPS Tracker Communicator is the ability to send and receive SMS messages when the unit is paired with a smart phone or tablet.  During emergencies, it is possible for surviving members of the group to notify the emergency services providers of the nature of the injuries.  This kind of information can be helpful in ensuring that the patient receives the most appropriate treatment without delay. 

Text messages packets are more easily carried across wireless networks than voice or video packets.  This is the reason why sometimes you are able to send and receive SMS text messages but you are not able to make a phone call with your cell phone.   Therefore,  an inReach SOS text message is likely to succeed, even in areas where satellite phone coverage is poor; such us in deep valleys and under thick forest canopies.



Your inReach™ SOS service is supported by the GEOS Alliance which provides emergency response co-ordination through the International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC). Send an SOS message through inReach™, and it goes directly to the IERCC.

The team at the IERCC is staffed and ready 24/7, 365 days per year, with SAR Mission Coordinators and Duty Officers.

As soon as they receive your message, they’ll track your device and notify the appropriate Australian search and rescue authorities or the appropriate local authorities if you are somewhere else in the world — they’ll also stay connected to provide updates on your location or to communicate with you.

As soon as you activate your inReach™, you have full, free access to the IERCC through GEOS SOS monitoring and emergency dispatch. How’s that for comforting?




Using inReach™ during an emergency you can:


  • Send up to three pre-loaded messages
  • Send for emergency assistance anywhere with confirmation
  • Get confirmation for all messages
  • Turn remote tracking on/off
  • Easily operate it with one hand or while wearing gloves




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