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inreach gps tracker best prices



This is what happens when you purchase your inReach Satellite GPS Tracker from us.

  1. We fast ship the unit to you
  2. In the box you will find instructions about activating your unit and selecting a connection plan.
  3. You visit the website (the address will be in the instructions included in the box) and activate your inReach GPS Tracker Communicator.
  4. If you do not have access to the internet, you will be able to contact a special telephone help number.
  5. The Australian located and staffed support service for the inReach is second to none and will take good care of you.
  6. WARNING - Do not be scammed.  If you intend to connect your inReach unit in Australia, make sure to purchase only Australian inReach units.  Non-Australian in Reach units will not be connected in Australia. 



(Subject to change, for information purposes only) 

Please note that these plans are not managed in any way by us.  When you log in to the activation website you will see the current plans.  So if the plans on the activation website are different than the ones displayed here, those plans will prevail.




 Not At All Fine Print
and Very Fair Conditions :-)

Access to the tracking and messages sent from the device is managed through the web based Explore user portal. Messages may also be sent from the Explore system by e-mail, SMS, Facebook or Twitter or via Mapshare. Activate your device or Login to your account by selecting from the links above.

Satellite Text Messages: Includes any messages that you compose on your companion device (Smartphone or tablet) and send to the web based Explore user portal or any message sent from the web based Explore user portal to your inReach™ device.

inReach™ Messages: Pre-loaded messages you send using the inReach™ push button interface.

Track Points: The individual “breadcrumbs” you use to allow others to follow your progress via your online MapShare page. You will also be charged for one Tracking Point each time you request a location or each time you request the device to update its tracking frequency from the web based Explore user portal.

Terms and Conditions: Services are provided by Pivotel Satellite Pty Limited (Pivotel). Prices are in Australian Dollars and include GST.

Your subscription enables use of the inReach™ Explore web based portal, Iridium network communications and remote tracking anywhere in the world.



It also includes the GEOS emergency monitoring service. There is a once off activation fee payable at time the device is activated. Usage charges are billed monthly. Satellite Text Messaging fees apply to messages sent from the inReach™ device to the Explore web based portal and from the Explore web based portal to the inReach™ device.

Tracking Point Fees apply to tracking points sent from the inReach™ device to the Explore web based portal and to location requests or tracking frequency change requests sent from the Explore web based portal to the inReach™ device.

Additional fees apply to usage that exceeds the text or tracking messages included in the service plan. Invoices are electronic format only. Monthly service fees for all plans are billed 1 month in advance. Usage charges are billed in arrears. Plans automatically renew month to month, unless cancelled.

Only one inReach™ device may be connected to a single account login on the inReach™ Explore user console.

Only devices supplied by Pivotel or its authorised resellers may be connected to Pivotel inReach™ plans.

Devices imported privately will incur a once-off local compliance and support fee.  In any case Pivotel cannot guarantee inReach™ devices not supplied by Pivotel or its authorised resellers can be connected to Pivotel rate plans.